Odd Sock Head

My Face God Dammit!

What is this place?! Who are you!?

Good question! Who am I!? What is this place!? Well allow me to explain what my intentions are here. As this would be a good place to start. A long with the beginning. My name is Odd Sock, however at the time of writing this my current RuneScape name was “Gord Freeman” Long Story. Anyway it will be changed back soon.

This is my Blog! It’s somewhere i can come and talk about my life in RuneScape, which means it may not always be the most exciting place in the world. My actual name is Ash, so i don’t really mind what you call me, Ash, Odd Sock, really, i don’t mind. I’m English, and i’m from Sheffield to be exact, and RuneScape has been a game that i have played for a fair few years. Originally creating my account back in 2003 – 2004. I’ve taken breaks and i’ve quit a few times and i’ve also been banned and muted so i’m not angel. I’m not going to make this a long thing and i’m not going to go into massive detail about my RS account. That’s what the rest of the blog is for.

All i shall tell you is this. I’m quite willing to talk to anyone about anything, so if you are a fan and are interested, then by all means add me in game and we’ll have a chat. I don’t have a massive amount of cash myself so i don’t do giveaways, I don’t PK so there would be no point asking me for a death match or anything, and i really only PvM with people i trust and even that is rare so if you ask me to do something with you. I’ll probably nicely decline.

Other than that! Adios!

– Ash


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